What Positive Benefits Yoga Can Have On You As You Age

Almost any form of exercise is sure to benefit you in many ways. Exercising can help you shed extra weight, improve your overall fitness levels and can even uplift your mood. Yoga, when practiced as a form of exercise, increases flexibility, strengthens muscles and improves your balance. Practicing Yoga also works as a stress buster, as practicing it over a period of time calms your mind. Apart from these obvious benefits, Yoga is also believed to be a key, which, with sustained practice, can help unlock the deeper mysteries of life. Here’s a look at some of the ways Yoga can improve your health and bring more Zen into your life.

Breathe In More Life

The way you breathe has a direct impact on your health. You may have noticed that when you feel stressed or anxious, you breathe shallowly. This can make you feel light-headed when you feel anxious. Some people hyperventilate when extremely stressed. Breathing shallowly can mean that your lungs are drawing in less of oxygen than they should. This, in turn, translates to less of oxygen in your blood, which adversely impacts your health. One of the 8 fundamentals of yoga is the correct techniques of breathing. You learn to practice breathing in slowly and exhaling slowly, as well. With prolonged practice, this form of breathing becomes the way you breathe. This benefits your health. You also learn and practice to breathe calmly when under duress, the way to breathe when you want to feel energized and another technique of breathing when you want to feel more centered.

Boost Balance And Mobility

Yoga makes the muscles strong and makes the joints more flexible. For chronic conditions such as arthritis, practicing Yoga reduces stiffness in the joints and this helps you more around more comfortably. It also improves balance, which lowers the chances of falling down.

Increase Your Concentration

Yoga improves your focus and teaches you how to be present in the moment. Various postures in Yoga teach you about physical concentration. You need to concentrate to stay in the posture you assume. As you practice staying focused on the postures, your ability to concentrate improves and you can then apply this to the other areas of life, where your undivided attention is required. Yoga also gives you more control on your mind. You practice mental concentration that permits you to focus on something you wish to focus on and, with continued practice; you can keep your mind from straying. In the same way, you learn to examine thoughts that stress you out and release them without dwelling on them. This has a calming effect on your mind. Then, there comes a time, when being in a calm state of mind becomes the mental state you constantly dwell in.


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