Teeth Whitening

Employing professionals in whitening your teeth can lead to a substantial difference in how your smile looks. Therefore, this article highlights the dentist’s point of view in whitening teeth. Further, it is important to recognize that among all cosmetic medications provided by dentists, the most popular is teeth whitening. This may be because the procedure is less expensive as opposed to all other cosmetic dental processes, yet a dramatic difference can result in the individual’s self-confidence and appearance.

The teeth whitening products can easily be obtained at the dentist’s office or over-the-counter. However, consulting a dentist for whitening your teeth is the most efficient and the fastest technique of teeth whitening since bleaching materials are efficient than what is readily available in stores. Therefore, professional teeth whitening should be performed in a dentist’s office or even in the home but under a dentist’s supervision.

Teeth whitening carried out by a dentist

The procedure functions by application of a whitening product directly to the teeth. The constituent of the product is bleached (hydrogen peroxide) which is usually at concentrations of between 15% and 35%. Additionally, heat or light can be utilized to accelerate a process of whitening.

The advantage of this method is fast results. According to experts, a single session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and gives the excellent outcome. Furthermore, most people will need a single visit although others may require 2-3 days to attain the color they want. However, the method requires that your gums be protected with a rubber shield or gel because the whitening solution is usually concentrated. Gum irritation and temporary teeth sensitivity are also adverse effects of this whitening technique. Finally, the method is the most expensive whitening procedure. It is estimated to cost between $500 and $2000. The cost increases with the number of consultations made.

Teeth whitening at home under dentist supervision

The method works where a dentist takes your mouth’s impression and creates a mouthpiece that is specially customized for you. Usually, a patient is provided with a tooth whitening gel that contains a lesser hydrogen peroxide concentration as opposed to what is applied in-office whitening. While at home, you should fill this whitening gel in your mouthpiece and wear it for some specified hours each night or day. The customized mouthpiece permits maximum contact between the whitening gel and your teeth.

The method is considered cost-friendly and convenient. It is because one can whiten their teeth at home and save money in contrast to costly in-office whitening. It the role of your dentist in supervising the procedure. However, the technique displays slower results. In this connection, an average patient is expected to wear their customized mouthpiece for a minimum duration of one week before whitening is visible.

In conclusion, the article provides two ways of whitening teeth; in-office and at-home whitening. One should consider pros and cons of each method before starting the process.


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