Pros & Cons of Home Healthcare

Proper healthcare might be able to save millions of lives and elderly and disabled depend on it. By the National Association for Home Care and Hospice, 7.6 million of people use some home health care. Many of the patients who receive healthcare are passed 65 years and are dismissed from the hospital so that they could continue their recovery at the intimacy of their homes. Even though home health care offers a lot of advantages, it still has few disadvantages.


It is one of the major advantages of home health care; it’s much affordable to hire a healthcare professional, then to keep a patient in the hospital. They’ll be able to provide patient, who has been discharged from the hospital, a variety of services and help him recover better.

Even though placing a patient in a medical facility can be expensive, it important to remember that even the healthcare costs can add up through time. Based on a survey in 2008, an average cost of home health care services was $22.37, this may seem like a small expense, but if a healthcare specialist needs to spend more time attending a patient, these expenses many quickly become massive.


Many people favor this type of care because it allows patients full recovery at the comfort of their homes. Another advantage of home healthcare is that patients receive specialized care, according to their needs. Families of the patients won’t have to place them in a nursing care facilities, his type of care gives them more independence and flexibility.

As the family and the patient is given more control over the services the patient receives, someone has to be responsible for the costs and for finding a proper agency that will be able to provide those services. Patients react differently when they are ill, for someone home healthcare may be the best solution because he will be surrounded with friends and family, while other may like to sleep more and be isolated. In this case, the nursing home is the best option.


Type of care and quality

Home healthcare has one on one approach, patients get individual care, that would hardly get in hospitals. In other facilities, one single staff is responsible for well – being of 10 other patients.

On the other side, every medical facility or nursing home is regulated by the law, which we can’t say for the healthcare centers. If relatives don’t monitor the work of healthcare staff, elderly people might be subjected to potential negligence and abuse.

Family gets a chance to be involved

2E--42-29118875Friend and family can actively participate in the care of the patient, and this is another reason why they choose home healthcare. They will be able to make an agreement that works for both sides. On the other side, if a family caregiver doesn’t get required support from the staff about the hygiene, medications, dental supplies, diet, may easily burn out.

For some, it would be hard to handle emergency situations at home.


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